nasa sun imageHave you ever meet someone who shines?  I am sure it is just their energy but I have noticed that in some, it can be overwhelmingly bright.  I have one particular friend like that…super shiny and in turn, the most inspiring person I have ever met.

I love the challenge that is presented to me when I am with them.  I am always attempting to be the best that I can be around them.  I find myself standing up straight, always trying to put my best foot forward and desiring to shine as bright as they do.  I am not sure it is possible to duplicate such a phenomenon but I sure do want to try.

Imagine if we all had someone like this in our lives.  Making us accountable for our actions and making our efforts that much more important.  The world would benefit from it.  I believe there would be less war and unresolved conflict and empathy for all, that in today’s society we are sadly lacking.

I challenge each and everyone to find a person that shines so bright that at times, it hurts.  I challenge that you hold onto them and allow them to help you shine.  Travel to the far reaches of the Earth to find them or better yet, start looking in your town or neighborhood.  Or, if you are truly blessed, they may be in your home.

We all are incredible energy sources.  It is time to allow ourselves the freedom to shine, in order to allow others to do the same.  It is contagious and feels incredible. I beg of you to try and try again because without a wholehearted effort, our world’s light will go out and we just can’t take that chance.

Live well, try hard and pray for the light.