NEW YEAR ~ 2015

My Path

I can’t believe it is 2015 – THE YEAR I WILL TURN FORTY, TRAVEL TO ITALY and so many other amazing things…

CHILDREN: my oldest daughter will turn sixteen this year and get her driver’s license.  I am still in shock that she has grown up so fast.  I pray for her to remember to call upon God for all of her needs; this commitment will make her life so much easier.

FRIENDSHIP: my life has taken a turn in a direction I didn’t think it would ever go.  I have the most amazing friends in my life, helping lead me to figuring out who I am and reminding me that is okay to be just that.  I am forever thankful and pray that God blesses them all because of the unconditional love they have bestowed upon me.

BUSINESS: my career is about to take off.  I have planted so many seeds and am looking forward to watching them bloom into amazing opportunities, bearing profitable fruit.  I pray God will help keep me focused throughout the entire process.

TRAVEL: all of my efforts have led me to the travel my heart so desires.  I have wanted to make the voyage to Italy for as long as I can remember.  I believe all of my hard-earned life lessons have helped lead me to this moment in my life.  I finally have the self-confidence I need to go for it.

God be with me.

Happy New Year!

Happy Half-Birthday To Me!


I can’t believe that I am 39 1/2 today. In exactly 6 months I will be in Milan, Italy setting off on one of the greatest adventures of my life. It seems impossible that I’ve made it this far. The time is going by so fast. I have made so many plans in consideration of the process that I would go through leading up to this trip, that I have yet to complete. I made goals that I haven’t accomplished and promises that I haven’t kept, yet am at peace with it all. I am accepting the fact that I can only do my best each and every day and on some days my best is pure awesomeness, and on other days my best is an embarrassment.

I am learning to not be ashamed of my short-comings. I set huge goals and they are hard to achieve, but I like living like this! I would much rather make promises of amazing accomplishments and great success to myself and come up short, than to never dream. I do not want to except less than everything I am capable of in my life. I want to strive for my set goals and when needed, fail at accomplishing them. The process makes me whole.

I have fallen flat on my face, so to speak, so many times in the past 39 1/2 years. I have laughed and cried through it all because I am truly living. I am out there. I am alive. And people are taking notice.

The next 6 months are going to be amazing for many reasons. First and foremost, God is with me. I am also surrounded by friends that love me and make me better daily.  And, my children are paying close attention to see if I can do all that I need to do for myself and still find the time to love them. It’s not easy. I want to work, plan, write, build relationships; make my way in this life! But, without taking the time to be with God, care for my health and the needs of my beautiful daughters first, my best laid plans may never see the light of day.

May God lead us all to the light…and me to Italy in 181 days.  xo


Bregno, Andrea 1480's GatewayI wake up each day with a sigh of relief and a prayer of thanks in my heart.  My mind always contains a long list of desires that I hope to accomplish in the blessing of another day here on Earth.  Some days, I am so overwhelmed by the possibilities that I lay quietly and cry.  The powerful feeling of hope, brought on by the opportunity for another chance to succeed, is the fuel that lights my fire.  My gateway to life is open and all I have to do is get out of bed to receive it.

As soon as my feet hit the ground, I am on the go.  Raising my children is an adventure in it’s self.  My life of details is one that, in the moment seems impossible at times, but in the end I know I will never regret.  My girls rock my world and I am forever changed for the better because I am their mother.

My work is diverse and something I love…LOVE…to do!  I joke that I will work all of my days.  Why would I retire when I am having so much fun?  I am challenged every day and have the opportunity to meet people, build relationships and solve problems.  Sales has always been my niche and I love that I am able to do it and do it well.  My desire to help my clients is what funds my passions…ITALY included!

My friends are the best!  The people that love me for who I am, no matter what crazy ideas I come up with.  The people that set out on a series of adventures because they care too much for me to allow me to do it alone.  The people who pray for me at night because they know I am lonely at times and want the best for me.  I couldn’t do it without a little help from my friends.

My gateway to life, handed to me by God, is something so precious and fragile that I want to hold onto it forever.  I am not done yet!  I still have too many things that I want to do.  I have too much love to share, too many adventures to be had and too many people to lift up.  I want to be hugely successful in this life, so I can giveback some of the light that fills my heart and spirit, allowing others to do and feel the same.

The gateway to heaven is right here on Earth.  I pray to stay and walk through the gateway of opportunity and do what is right and good.  I have 299 days to go until 40 years old; 6 decades, 9 months, 3 weeks and 5 days until 100 years old.  I better keep busy, getting busy.  I hope the same for you.  xo