recycling 2


In honor of our beloved Earth and my commitment to it year round, I am going to discuss my recycling efforts.  One solution to Earth’s problems is for humans to quit manufacturing so much trash, but our industrialized societies and consumer driven economies make it nearly impossible for us to stop.  It would take a huge collective of consumers to demand less wasteful packaging from all companies that they spend their money with, for change in the marketplace to take effect and make a global difference. People would have to realize that their dollars speak for them. What we spend our money on is tracked and calculated in more ways than most of us can imagine.  Our dollars truly matter and shape our future.

Another solution to Earth’s problems is for humans to start cleaning up after themselves.  I hike or walk daily and am disgusted with the waste I see on the streets.  I have taken to carrying gloves and a trash bag, so that I may pick up trash on the paths I travel.  If everyone were to do the same out of self-respect and admiration for mother nature, we wouldn’t have the water pollution issues that we face.

A more practical solution to Earth’s problems is for humans to start recycling everything.  I have always encouraged recycling in all forms. Pre-cycling is really the most effective way of reducing our carbon-footprint but as stated above, it can be difficult.  Recycling is a must for everything else.  I have taken to collecting all of my plastic and glass, and the plastic and glass from friends and neighbors, in hopes of raising money for my trip to Italy.

One way or another, I am trying to do better for this beautiful planet that we live on. Educate, reduce, reuse, recycle.