Days and Days and Days…


How significant are we in the vast cosmos?  Is Earth so special?  Do we as a life-form on Earth offer anything worthy of cosmic notice? I wonder…

I am an average human-being.  For my many faults, I have many attributes that help even things out.  I find that I have to try incredibly hard to manage my time.  The days just seem to race by, as if I am traveling at the speed of a thousand miles per hour like Earth.  I have more hopes and dreams than I can possibly encompass into my time here on Earth.  I pray that my spirit and determination will see me though many of them.  I want to believe that my time here matters and that my efforts were worthy of notice.  

I want to travel across Earth, so that I may walk the streets that others have walked for centuries.  I know throughout time many have looked up at the stars and wondered if their lives matter.  We all tend to wonder if we are noticed in our communities, states and nations.  Some of us even wonder if the planet or our universe will take notice. Could the cosmos and the heavens know who we are? Are my collection of cells worthy of the attention?

I do have a lot to offer.  Haven’t you noticed? xo          

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